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My DIY Marshall 4001 Studio 15

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Vue de face

Done! Back side.

Pose du Tolex
Tolex job with contact liquid neoprene glue and protection corners

Arrière Tolexé
Backside tolex job and tube protection perforated plate

Défonce et Tolex
Beveled edge done with powered tool and start Tolex job

Grill-cloth monté
Grill-cloth attached. Easy removal with a small piece of Tolex attached in the bottom right corner

Fixation Grill-cloth
Grill-cloth mounting system on combo

Grill Cloth
Loudspeaker plate in 10 mm medium wood. Grill-cloth stappled, smart plate mounting system (velcro is used for removable, invisible and vibration-less system)

Voilà! (or "walla" like some people say). Chassis is installed in combo

Isolation: aluminum foil glued with neoprene to seal the chassis from electromagnetic perturbation

Cut in the top for an easy acces to controls. Assembly of the loadspeaker, leather handle and rubber feet

Loudspeaker assembly using a safe system to prevent perforation (outside bold, allen type)

Combo assembly (L x H x P = 60 x 45.6 x 32 cm). A big fat 1 x 12" combo

Wood (pine, 28x28 mm) is glued and screwed. Cut for loudspeaker

I am now a carpenter. OK... my favorite store did for me the 18 mm medium wood cut

Presque teminé
Can't wait for the combo! Celestion G12H30 Rocks on the floor

Back side, bias setup with a custom cable (voltmeter -> RCA plug). Please download the speedsheet I created to trace loading curves and calculate Bias current (download)

Bias Zoom
Zoom on easy Bias setup (connect voltmeter to RCA plug, switch reading from one tube to the other with mini-switch, adjust Bias with potentiometers)

Electronics assembly is completed

Wiring top-down view

Preamp section on on side

A simple power break with isolated switchcraft jack

plaque tube
Backside with cathode components section, connection for future reverb

Star grounding, next to the main filter cap. Master volume efect loop isolation (cupper tape)

Power supply on the opposite side of preamp (mains filter is integrated)

Tube heating, green wiring (DC for V1 on top, AC in the back corner)

Face plate completed

  Old fashioned Turret board assembly: Power supply (left), Cathode components (right), preamp (front)

système de bias
Bias setup system, center-right (2 potentiometers, 1 switch, 1 RCA plug)

Chassis peint
Face plate design. Paint, stickers and gloss finish

Chassis fini
Chassis drill job completed

chassis trous
Chassis backside drilled

Chassis vierge
Chassis before drilling

pièces en vrac
Components ready for assembly (ugly green couch for sale)

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