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An amp with no pedal is as flat as an ocean with no wave. As I like surfing, I matched the amplifier with an overdrive. Which one? Only the best, Tube Screamer TS-808.

I found a very good kit, ready for assembly, specifically prepared by Klaus from Musikding. You can't get wrong, order, assemble, play. Components and schematics are available on Musikding website. It's a very standard design, 3 clipping diodes, 1 standard AOP (TI RC4558 that I finally replaced with a low noise AOP).

Once again, cost is amazing (32 € kit + box + knobs - in 2008). NB: Original Ibanez TS-808 has a price tag of 180 €!!!

Here is an overview of the assembly:

Pédale terminée
Here we go!

Câblage terminé
Wiring completed: plenty of space inside

Hardware assembly. Isolated jacks, 3PDT switch for true bypass operation

Etiquettes et vernis
Same design and technique as the amp (paint, sticker, finish)

Paint job

Box drilling

Kit under assembly

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